Enlighten Me Mobile
Ping Ping Worakate, a Co-founder and CEO of WPI, is a Founder of this EnlightenMe App. She has direct learning experience from attending different courses, classes, and private talks with with a renowned Buddhist monk in Thailand, Dhammajayo Bhikkhu, for 30+ years. This gives her immense knowledge to offer this impeccable and practical solution of life from the ancient wisdom of the East.

A timeless tool that will create calm, space, and insight to everyone who would like to experiment.

Enlighten Me Equation

What could be an experience from using EnlightenMe App?


We guarantee that the first experience is «Calm» as a basic result from Meditation.
Enlighten Me Mr Calm


Once being in the «Calm» state, you will feel expanding to a bigger dimension, a vast empty «Space» where stress, anxiety, or worry disappear. You want nothing either think, talk, or take anything. Weightlessness and brightness can show up.
Enlighten Me Mrs Space


When the state of «Calm» arises with «Space», you will gain «Insight» which is the state of pureness and innocence. Though the nature of the naughty mind is still there, it can be still and quiet for a certain period of time to rest, reset, and refresh itself.
Enlighten Me Insight


Furthermore, a new circle of a deeper sense of «Calm», a wider «Space», and endless «Insight» will continue as long as you can keep the right combination of concentration and relaxation without expectation.
Enlighten Me Family

Enjoy a moment of peace and happiness beyond your imagination.

Enlighten Me Equation