Let EnlightenME Enlighten You

EnlightenME App is for everyone and especially for 

  • The ones who know nothing much about Meditation & Mindfulness  
  • The ones who cant make Meditation a routine
  • The ones who want to learn good habits and unlearn bad habits 


Various meditation guides

The app provides you various types of guided meditation that will suit your needs. You can choose from languages, topics, and time.

Center of the body

This meditation focuses on Center of the Body technique which uses mainly visualization and mantra to reach the state of Calm, Space and Insight.

Meditation Journal

tracking on your experience

Meditation Journal supports the reflection of practice and track daily experience has tremendous effects on its progress.

Be At the Center (BAC) Game

Mindfulness in action

Delicately and elaborately designed to make mindfulness practical and applicable in our busy lives.

Discipline Game

starting a daily routine for BETTER SELF

A tool to help develop the 4 basic habits: wake up early, eat healthy food, exercise daily and go to bed early. 



enlightening moments awaits…

The moments arise when reading these four categories of blogs: Meditation & Mindfulness, Self-Development, Lifestyle & Wellness, and Peace Activism & Events.   


Reading to gain new wisdom

Learning different tips for life, career, mental health and meditation from the free e-books available.



soothing yourself before sleep

Calming and relaxing your mind to shut-off your brain before bedtime. Take time to wind down and fall asleep easier.

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