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EnlightenMe App offers not only meditation and mindfulness but also tips to create wellness in different dimensions of life from body and mind to relationship and wealth, and beyond. Our team has accumulated knowledge and know–how from teaching people online and offline for more than 10 years to more than 100k around the world. Today we are ready to launch our unique app to make your life calm, with more space and deep insight.
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About Us
Ping Ping Worakate
Ping Ping Worakate is a Co-founder and CEO of World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI) who has pioneered in developing an online learning platform called «Peace Revolution» with over 120,000 registered members from 235 countries and territories since 2010.
Presently, she’s the founder and a trainer of EnlightenMe App which brings an essence of meditation, mindfulness, and habit development into a unique lifestyle.
She has learned meditation and mindfulness as well as Buddhist teachings since the age of 12. Through her 30-year of determination to excel in this area, she has trained more than 100 meditation teachers from over 50 countries and also offers mind-blowing workshops on different topics such as stress and burnout, work-life balance, women empowerment, emotional intelligence, leadership, and empathy, creative mindset, and more.
Recently, she has developed a Better ME Model that enlightens many.